What is the alternative to vegetarian raclette?

It’s not because raclette is A traditional winter dish That cannot be refused in the vegetarian version. A good dose of melted cheese is out of the question, because you don’t like beets and meat. To avoid eating only potatoes, there are a number of equally tasty alternatives such as ham, sausage or bacon. If you are interested What to replace beets in vegetarian racletteFollow the leader.

Which vegetables are vegetarian for raclette?

Generally, raclette is served with potatoes, pickles and why not chopped mushrooms. For even more vegetables, you can choose seasonal alternatives. Thus, in the middle of winter, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli or endive will be perfect. Vegetarian raclette recipe. Take your time, like potatoes, to prepare them ahead of time so you don’t have to wait until dinner to cook them.

Of course, pumpkins, squashes and other squashes go great with melted cheese. Also, you can replace the potatoes with sweet potatoes to vary the taste. In addition to vegetables, why not choose seasonal fruits? The Raclette cheeseLike other cheeses, it can be enjoyed in both sweet and savory versions, which add a delicious fruity twist. We especially think of apples, pears, but also figs or cherries.

Vegetarian raclette: imitation meat

today, Vegetarian alternatives Don’t miss it. There are more and more plant-based versions of meat and vegetable-based alternatives. Thus, in some supermarkets or specialty stores, you will find it easy to find aiguillettes, sausages, bacon slices, ham or bacon slices, all in a vegetable version.

If these Vegetable meat Remaining processed products that should not be eaten every day, they can completely invite themselves to your table during vegetarian raclette.

Other alternatives to vegetarian raclette

We also think about grains like quinoa or bulgur that can be cooked Recipes for vegetable dumplings, for example. Also consider adding tofu, seitan, or tempeh. To sublimate them, simply toss them in deliciously flavorful sauces before grilling and covering with a generous layer of raclette cheese.

Among other grains and legumes, we also think of chickpeas or dried beans, which go very well with the taste of melted cheese. Just remember that these different alternatives can quickly wear on your stomach and therefore stop you from sucking fast.

Of course, these alternatives refer to raclette, but can also be combined with a fondue or tartiflette recipe.

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