We tried PB Originals, the king of Portuguese chicken, and this is our verdict

Generous chicken, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, and as good as Portugal? This is the promise of the French restaurant PB Poulet Braisé, completely dedicated to chicken. Since 2009, the brand, which now has about ten locations in France, has made chicken churrasco and its variations unique. Based on its success, the group created and launched PB Originals (or PBO for friends), a restaurant concept inspired by its famous recipes, but in ” very quickly “. Two new institutions, which focus on fast food, delivery and take-out, have opened their doors in Paris 9th and Montreuil.

PB Green Sauce is the star of PB Braised Chicken restaurants

On the menu at PB Originals? Fried chicken (with wings, tenders or quarters), served with fries, rice or plantain. As in the parent company PB Poulet Braisé, the sauces do not exceed and come in many varieties: red hot sicily (tomato sauce flavored with peas), coco thaï (coconut, lemongrass, walnuts, coriander), yellow curry (yellow curry and cumin) and , of course, green PB. Popular with the brand’s customers, this last sauce is the star of PB. So much so that it has been sold for several years in a tube version. His well-preserved recipes take pride of place in mayonnaise and parsley and are inspired by African and Portuguese gastronomy. Appropriate? Toss a generous amount of banana chunks into the delicious preparation, before shamelessly biting into a tender piece of chicken.

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PB Starters: grilled chicken in ” very quickly »

In addition to its incredible chicken, PB Originals also offers XXL sandwiches on the menu that are sure to please fans of amazing combinations. We fell in love with the Bulldog Guaca (€12.90) which includes chicken sausage, avocado, cheddar, green onion and Jalapeño pepper. If after this, we still have a little peckishness, it is always possible to return to the maxi dish au gratin, such as saltimbocca (€ 9), turkey cutlet, served with ham, cream, emmental and mozzarella au gratin. Avoid small hunger. What attracts us to PB Originals? The generosity of the dishes, as well as the originality of the recipe and its excellent quality / value for money. Something to satisfy fans of fast, but good cooking.

The recipe for a good cooked chicken: marinade

Behind the concept of PB Poulet Braisé hides Bruno Do Pinho, an entrepreneur from Portugal, in love with the gastronomy of his country, but especially with the famous churrasqueira. Thirteen years ago, he opened his first factory in Ménilmontant and imported textile machinery from Portugal. The beginning of success. ” Braised chicken is a popular dish, a dish that brings everyone together and where all cultures can find their way », explains the founder. The secret to this delicious recipe? Marinade. Twenty-four hours before cooking, the chicken is marinated in olive oil and spices. The brand also selects fresh chickens, not from Portugal, but from… Brittany. Cock-doodle Doo!

PB Poultry, restaurants in Paris, Ivry-sur-Seine, Argenteuil, Bordeaux… Find a list of businesses here.
PB Originals, in Montreuil and Paris 9ᵉ, buckets from €8 to €39 depending on size, details pb-originals.fr.

PB Chicken Braised Chicken Bucket

Bucket of Easy Chicken

PB Coconut curry chicken pot

Chicken stew with Thai coconut sauce

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