Two secrets of cooking wild meat

The month of November, high hunting season, is all about adventure and the outdoors. If some hunters don’t like venison, here are two good recipes to change their minds.

Hunters often make sausage from wild meat. Spices and pork are added to it, which masks the taste of the game. As for cooking, they can try my method for making buffalo sausage, or any wild sausage.

I pour a 650 ml container of Classico di Napoli spaghetti sauce into the pot. (There are many flavors, but I like tomatoes and basil.) I add twice the same amount of water to the pot, add sausage, carrots, potatoes and a whole head of garlic. There is no need to peel carrots, potatoes and garlic as slow cooking will soften them. Yes, I admit I’m a bit of a cowboy, but I’m looking forward to the fun.

Don’t tell the doctor, but to improve the taste, you should add a big cube of butter. Adding onion doesn’t change the flavor much, but I add it because it makes the whole house taste better.

I mix everything and boil. I then simmer on very low heat for at least two hours, but three works best. Serve as is or over pasta.

Antelope meat

Let’s move on to the antelope meat. First of all, hunters must take care not to contaminate it with the goat smell characteristic of an antelope. The smell isn’t too bad, but it sticks to your hands amazingly and tastes bad. And it doesn’t come off, even after washing your hands in bleach. Therefore, it is best not to touch the jacket too much before preparation, or wear latex gloves when removing the skin and then remove them.

The best steak I ate was antelope – it was better than beef. My uncle Michel Hamon prepared it. Here is his recipe.

Heat the BBQ to medium heat, place the meat and sprinkle with Montreal Steak Seasoning. First of all, don’t cook the steak too long, just two minutes on each side. The result: a juicy, sumptuous steak that I’m still talking about more than a decade later.

I know, you probably think that 4 minutes of preparation is not enough. You are used to cooking beef or pork, but this meat contains fat. Wild meat contains much less, so it dries out very quickly and becomes rubbery when cooked. The secret to a good wild steak is to not overcook it.

I would like to thank Dallas Howlett who runs The Meat Box in Lethbridge for the bison sausage.

Franceskoi Theater, Speaker's Theater

Franceskoi Theater, Speaker’s Theater


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