This mistake you all make when cooking your potatoes is fatal

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Potatoes are an integral part of our daily kitchen. Imagine that if we no longer consume as much as our grandparents, sales figures increase during this period of high inflation. Now is the time to cook them well, avoiding mistakes.

We can count on one hand the number of people who don’t like potatoes, or rather potatoes, so much does this product vary by variety. Although potatoes are botanically a vegetable, they are a nutritious starch but do not contain gluten. Potatoes are particularly nutritious and useful food. Find them in our article: We love potatoes, but are they good for our health?

Preparation of potatoes

There are a thousand and one ways to prepare them, always in the cooking box. After peeling and washing or vice versa (before washing or after peeling the potatoes?) you cook them in water, steam, oven, fryer, pot, etc. From baking, like in this lean potato recipe, to steaming or roasting, we’ve got you covered. Many people make mistakes when cooking potatoes in water, which will affect not only how well the potatoes are cooked, but also how they look…

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