They invented anti-waste cookies

Flour, eggs, butter, daily bread and inclusion of disabled people! The Kignon Biscuits recipe is a tried and true blend. Katia Tardy, Louise Douliet and Alix Guiot founded Handi-Gasp, a social and environmental impact company targeting people with disabilities, in 2021.

“In France, they throw away two hundred million baguettes every year.” We feel sorry for the three food engineers who make organic bread cakes that have to be thrown away. So they are recipes “on average 20% with bread” Collected from Nantes and ground bakers, and ingredients completely organic and produced in the Great West.

Making cookies is profitable

After developing recipes (five will be sold), they train disabled workers in production. Originally created in a laboratory at the Oniris School of Engineering in Nantes, they have recently invested €150,000 to set up their production line at the Soubretière work-based support facility (Ésat) in Savenay (Loire-Atlantique).

Andreas Plaisance has been making cookies since March 2021. “I like it. It makes a difference to our cleaning or packing activities. I especially like weighing the ingredients and I’m looking forward to learning how to control the temperature.” he says. According to Jérôme Gauthier, making these cookies is above all profitable. “We do everything and see how the cakes we buy are made,” He rejoices.

After production and packaging, Kignon goes to Biocoop stores and regional grocers. “I followed the project on Linkedin and when I tried it, I liked it. recalls Johanna Le Mau, Ô bocal store manager in Nantes. “We hold the same values” explains the shop owner, who decided to give them an incentive by displaying the brand.

From spring 2022 and thanks to the new 100% recyclable packaging, Kignon will also be sold online by Ésat de Savenay. “We also do tests using spent grain flour (barley residue from brewing, editor’s note)and hazelnuts, walnuts and coconuts after extraction of the oil,’ Continues Katia Tarde, who hopes to develop production lines elsewhere in France, turning even more bread into biscuits that are good for gourmets… and the planet!

A crowdfunding campaign to sell subscription cookies will soon be launched on the Blue Bees platform:

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