These biscuits, which are sold everywhere in Lidl in France, should not be consumed due to the risk of allergies

New product recall. After Carrefour sausages and Malo brand yogurts, it is the turn of chocolate biscuits sold at Lidl to be pulled from stores, as revealed by RappelConso, a government website that lists all alerts about dangerous products. What is behind this procedure? Labeling error. Thus, some biscuits were sold with packaging in a foreign language, where the presence of allergenic substances contained in the biscuits is not mentioned in French.

What is the recall of Lidl’s chocolate chip cookies?

These are organic dark chocolate biscuits from the Sondey brand (150g). These cookies have a GTIN code of 20928827L2022147 and have a minimum best-by date of 05/27/2023. They will go on sale in Lidl stores across France from 2 June 2022.

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What if I bought these Sondey chocolate chip cookies?

RappelConso recommends that you no longer use this product and return it to the store. The customer number is also open: 0800900343. Products can be returned.

What are the risks involved?

The recipe for these cookies contains milk, wheat and butter. It also contains possible traces of soy, nuts, sesame seeds and eggs, all potentially dangerous substances for people with allergies. In France, 3.5% of the population and 8% of children suffer from food allergies. In case of urgent and worrying symptoms, it is recommended to contact Samu (15) or the fire brigade (18).

Lidl probey chocolate biscuit product recall

The recalled Lidl cakes were sold in foreign-language packaging that did not mention the presence of allergens such as gluten or milk.

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