The ultimate holiday recipe: homemade gnocchi

Silvia Santucci

Silvia Santucci

On vacation or at the weekend, we often want to get our hands dirty by cooking up comforting recipes. Homemade gnocchi is perfect for these types of projects. Simple and economical, the whole family can participate. shall we show you

Like Italian fathers making gnocchi as a family, roll up your sleeves and get ready to taste authentic Italian gnocchi. This recipe is very easy to prepare and very economical. To prepare gnocchi, you will need potatoes and flour. Then you’ll want to dress them up with a sauce like pesto, this Italian tomato sugo sauce, sage butter, or a 4 cheese sauce like this four cheese pasta. In Italy, gnocchi is always served with a sauce or prepared au gratin, as in this gnocchi gratin. Good to know: If you have more time, make a large batch, place them separately on a lined baking sheet and freeze. When the gnocchi is frozen, you can remove it from the plate and place it in a box or in the freezer. They are prepared without freezing, as in the following recipe.

A note on ingredients

As you can see, they are basic, but the choice is important. For potatoes, you should choose potatoes with floury flesh, rich in starch. we…

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