The recipe for crosiflet

This year is the year of Crossfleet! And if you are still not familiar with this wonderful dish, you are missing out on a pure moment of enjoyment… but we are giving you the chance to (re)discover cruciferous with an official (and very gourmet) recipe. From Alpina Savoie.

2022 is the year of Crossfleet! Credit: iStock

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Even if our winter is threatened with a shortage of potatoes, do not panic. You can still warm your heart and taste buds with a good tartiflette (slightly revised): cruciferous. For those who don’t know this dish from Savoy, it’s simply a tartiflette made with croquettes! “Crozets is back to continue to satisfy gourmets“, reassures Alpina Savoie, the oldest French pastry shop that makes this little square paste. And it assures us that “2022 will be the year of Crossfleet” (Just this)! Anyway, our mouths are already watering and we are ready for an ultra greedy winter.

Crociflet, a new necessity for winter

This year too, the crucifix is ​​a must, after its huge success in 2021, to delight young and old alike.“, explains Antoine Chiron, master miller at Alpina Savoia. And how could you not agree with that”A recipe that expresses fun and sharing“? A real new winter necessity, cruciferous vegetables are invading our kitchens again this year, and it’s not our displeasure.

There is nothing easy to prepare: Crosette, raw ham and Reblochon cheese! All the code for the sacred tartiflette is kept, we just change the potato to this little square pasta that is “The pride of the Savoy region“.

Alpina Savoie, official supplier of croquettes (and delicacies).

Since 1844, the company Alpina Savoie has been making its Crosettes in Chambéry, and it is the fruit of ancestral knowledge passed down from generation to generation. Croisettes are made with local ingredients, all from French sources: durum wheat semolina, soft wheat flour (both produced in France) and fresh French eggs from free-range chickens.

With these 100% French products, you are sure to enjoy the official Croisette recipe, trusted by Alpina Savoie! Grab your aprons, it’s ready in 20 minutes and it’s so irresistible you’ll definitely be getting it this winter.

Credit: DR


4 per person
Preparation time: 5 minute
Preparation time: 20 minutes


– 150 g Alpina Savoy Buckwheat Crozets
– 150 g plain Alpina Savoie Crozets
– 4/5 slices of Savoy raw ham
– 3/4 Reblochon
– 50 ml of fresh cream
– 1 onion
– Salt and pepper


1. Cook the croquettes for 15 minutes in salted boiling water (4 times the volume of the croquette).

2. Cut the onion into slices, cut the raw ham into thin strips and cut the reblochon.

3. Fry chopped onion.

4. Drain the croquettes. Pour them into a large gratin dish, add strips of raw ham, onions, half a cubed Reblochon cheese and crème fraîche.

5. Mix and spread the rest of the reblochon cubes on top. Mix at 180°C for 5-10 minutes.

6. Serve with salad.

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