The founder gives us a recipe for success

Fresh and local products, a team of dedicated professionals and above all, a A great concept straight from America.

Don’t picture him in a hat and apron, Gregory Camp is more of a t-shirt and crampons type. He is a football coach and before combining his passion for football with catering, the forty-year-old had a remarkable career as a professional footballer.

In addition to Monaco, he played in France, Italy, Belgium, the United States and Canada. In 2000, the athlete had a good idea also across the Atlantic Ocean, in Montreal. to sell pasta in cones, on site or to take away. “There was a small couple who did it. I thought the idea was brilliant. I thought it was a change from sandwiches, pizzas and salads. Trusts Monegasque.

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Once retired in 2007 and supported by his wife, a teacher in the principality, he looked for a building in his old neighborhood in Monaco: Fontvieille. Mind you, for Gregory Camp, fast food does not mean poor quality, and perhaps this is one of the keys to Alden’T’s success. “At first I wanted a chef and a pastry chef so we could have homemade sauces and desserts.” explains the boss, who also bet on competitive prices.

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Really, you’re not ruining yourself by going to Alden’T. Menu 250 grams of pasta with homemade sauce, homemade dessert and drink is €9.90. Moreover, those who want to end their meal with a sweet touch are served: the cakes are more appetizing than anything else. Crème caramel, tiramisu, chocolate mousse, chocolate fondant, crumbles, pies, white cheese, fruit salads… the choice is wide. “Yanik is an extraordinary pastry chef”The owner is delighted, a smile is on his lips.

Five types of pasta and six types of sauce are offered, including one of the day (available on the Alden’T Facebook page each morning). For a difference of pleasure, during lunch, gourmets can choose the formula of salad or soup. “In the summer we make a nice little gazpacho and we can eat it in the winter.” Zucchini veloute or minestrone ». The founder of Italian origin admits with great self-deprecation that he does not know how to cook at all. “On the other hand, I love Dad’s good food, and Cecil, our chef, is great in that role.”.

She cooks with fruits and vegetables from the Monegasque Primer, which is delivered to the restaurant every morning. “We love local work”skates the boss, who also works with the local grocery store Riber, which has been established in the principality for decades. “They have been our two main employees for 15 years”he continues.

I want to see as much Alden’T as possible

What determines the success of the restaurant is its friendliness. “We have a fabulous clientele and incredible stories to tell. Couples were created at Alden’T and married. Some now have children, they are called “Alden’t Babies”. There were many emotions for 15 years. Once, the permanent members came to say goodbye to us with gifts and tears. »

Alden’T exports to Beausoleil and elsewhere

At the moment, Grigory Kamp is working hard. He recently opened a franchise in Beausoleil. “Creation of the franchise is the idea of ​​my two sons Theo and Thiago”. The name of the restaurant comes from his two descendants. If to many “Alden’T” sounds like the perfect pasta dish, the underlined “T” is for his two sons. “It was Olivier Fredenucci, a restaurant designer, who came up with the play on words. »

And since you don’t change the winning team, it’s always Olivier Fredenucci from the Federal Agency in charge of designing the franchise. “We’re keeping the colors and the logo, we’re just moving the concept”, assures Grigory Camp, who is happy to see already numerous customers at the doors of the restaurant, which opened on July 1 on the border of Monaco. So he thinks about spreading a bit more and therefore “A Few Paths to Nice and Paris”. For this, he can count on the support of Quentin and Tiffin from Com’Store, a communications agency in Nice.

What more can we wish for Grigory Kampi? “I want to see as many Alden’T’s as possible and perfectly run my kids”Designed by Papa Pula. “This is our child, we thought, created and bring it to life. This is a 100% family project. My sister opened with me 15 years ago, now she runs the first franchise in Beausoleil. Real family pride!

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