The family invents the Périgord aperitif biscuit

In the Occitan region there is a curbelet, a specialty…

In the Occitan region, there is the curbelet, a waffle specialty that turns heads, and in Salignac-Eyvigues, Périgord Noir, a sweet recipe is transformed into a savory product to give aperigords. The idea comes from Claude Bastit, a seasoned chef who had a bracelet iron at hand and who, in order to finish the leftover Emmental cheese, imagined that the dough should be cooked in this beautifully decorated form.

The recipe was not bad, he then tasted it to his friends, who then refused to try any other flavors and sold them in the shops of producers such as La Fabrique, Vitrac or Ferme de Vialard in Carsac-Aillac.

A new adventure

The adventure began eight years ago. When Claude Bastite retired, his cousin, Nico van Gogh, found it unfortunate that he had stopped. He then quit his job as a receptionist to devote himself entirely to crackers. “I trained for six months with Claude so that he could teach me how to prepare his aperigords, how to cook them and how to crisp them,” confides Nico Van Goey.

“Aperitif has been lost a bit with covid and I feel there is potential for a resurgence”

Maxime Van Goey, his son, worked in Toulouse in aeronautics. But with the Covid crisis, he found himself partially unemployed and seized the opportunity to question himself. “I said to myself: why not start and develop the product? “, he says. After that, Maxime van Gooy introduced a bit of innovation in the packaging, started to increase the sales facilities and got a taste of his new life. “I really enjoy talking to people, explaining the products, giving them a taste and above all making them! , that there is a potential for its revival.

12 different flavors

If father and son have two different ways of working and each makes their own apérigords, they come to the markets together, with mother Kiki always ready to help them.

With their 12 different flavors (shallot, garlic, Emmental, walnut, nettle or even thyme-mustard), Aperigordes are biscuits that have flavor and that are made from ingredients from sustainable agriculture. “90% of the recipes were invented by Claude,” says Maxim van Goey. I think he’s a genius because they’re on the gram. »

Cooking is also done in the next second, this meal can be prepared with only four, the number that the form allows. “It takes a lot of patience to make them, admits the young manufacturer, but we create a unique product and we know why we do it. In addition to maintaining the tradition, the Van Goey family has also made it their mission to collect old bracelet irons that are no longer made.

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