The best chocolate-filled biscuit is also the cheapest

This remains one of kids’ (and even parents’) favorite biscuits to try: chocolate-filled cookies.

In its special issue “Eat healthy, good and cheap”, 60 Millions de Consommateurs took a detailed look at this reference in terms of nutritional properties and supplements. Under the magnifying glass: Nutriscore, number of ingredients, additives, percentage of cocoa powder, dietary fiber, saturated fatty acids or even carbohydrates…

Two plain biscuits with holes and a melted chocolate filling in the middle: the chocolate-filled biscuit has been a reference to snacks and other snacks for generations. The most iconic? Prince Louis.

The French magazine took a close look at this brand, as well as 6 other frequently purchased reference distributor brands: Lidl, Leclerc, Casino, Carrefour, Auchan and Aldi.

These biscuits are a surprising industrial product, classified as ultra-processed products, with very variable amounts of ingredients: from 9 to 18 ingredients for certain brands… they are all very high in added sugar, but also full of fat, saturated fatty acids. and palm oil. and low in fiber.

Despite all this, what stands out the most is the package on offer Aldi, “Petit Choisi”, sold in France for €1.35 in a pack of 15. who said, ” Aldi’s cookies stand out for their low price, low additives and high cocoa content. But they are still very sweet and fatty “, explains the monthly.

Twice cheaper in Belgium!

Note that this is the case in Belgium MonarC private label ‘Biscuits Fourrés’ sold at Aldi for just €0.59! The ingredients are very slightly different, the nutritional information is exactly the same, the additives (only 2: lecithin and carbonates) as well as the presence of palm oil in the composition. That said, the product is rated D for MonarC Fourré, not E for Petit Choisi, according to

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