Sunflower oil shortage: chips, margarine, sauces… 4 questions to understand everything about recipe changes

Makers of chips, margarine and dips are allowed six months by the state to change their recipes without changing labels.

Mayonnaise is growing among manufacturers. Indeed, the consequences of the war in Ukraine on supply sunflower oil It is already felt on the shelves of French supermarkets. Let us remind you that Ukraine provided 50% of its world trade. Faced with shortages, manufacturers are forced to change the recipes of some of their flagship products.

In order not to delay production, the state decided on Tuesday, April 26, to take a period of six months Manufacturers of chips, margarine and sauces based on sunflower oil Changing the composition Their products by choosing alternatives, without necessarily being indicated on the labels. So how do we find it? Dispatch takes four questions.

What products does it work on?

Sunflower oil is found in many everyday food products. At the moment, the state services have given permission to the producers Chipsfrom Margarine and sauces change their composition without referring to the labels. However, according to Beers, it is likely that several hundred or even a thousand references are the subject of the same type of exemption request.

recipes of fried products where Peel offor even Piesof Georgia stored in oilof Georgia Cookies and Dishes in sauces Changes must work. The chocolate foodIn which sunflower is found in the form of lecithin, can also join the list.

Will the manufacturers specify it on the labels?

You may not immediately notice that the recipes for your usual products have changed. Indeed, manufacturers have six months to change the packaging, indicating that the sunflower oil has changed.

This time is necessary for making new labels and selling them. However, it is possible that you will see on the corresponding product, a Logo explains that it is “A new recipe“, without knowing what has changed.

Remember that most of the alternatives to sunflower oil willrapeseed oil where palm.

How can we know about the ingredients used?

If you want to know the fresh ingredients that make up your products, it is possible stickers By reference, they are stuck on the existing labels. A QR code It may also be available to you in certain supermarkets.

For example, when you get a pack of crepes, you can Scan the QR code with your smartphone. Then I will send you directly Fraud Prevention Website where you can read the contents of the recipe. However, the non-governmental organization Foodwatch warned of “information access headaches for consumers” that this unprecedented situation promises.

If you are a victimFood allergy And if you’re nervous about the new ingredients in your food, don’t worry! If the added products are among the allergens, this will be indicated immediately, without a six-month delay, as is provided for the others. This news also pleased the French Association for the Prevention of Allergy (AFPRAL), which believes that “it is essential that User security to be preserved”.

When does it start?

The operation begins in principle Once permissions are granted. For chips, margarine and sauces, this should start very quickly.

For the rest, it will be done as and when exceptions are granted by the state. So you can expect more changes to the recipe in the coming weeks.

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