Recipes with leftover aperitif cookies

Eternal, savory biscuits always find a place on our table during the aperitif. When there are few guests or when there was no fuss, it happens that you end up with the lower part of the package on your arms. The problem: when the latter is opened, the cakes quickly lose their flavor quality, softened by moisture. Therefore, it is better to eat them quickly to prevent them from spoiling! If you’re not going to make a new aperitif anytime soon, consider incorporating them into your recipes. For example, you can mix them with melted butter to make a cheesecake base. Mixing it with parmesan makes a delicious crumble dough. The most creative will use pretzels to decorate their cakes, while the novices will use them in the kitchen cracker as a toast. Finally, you can also crumble them to replace breadcrumbs. as manyIdeas for using leftover cookies Who do not lack intelligence and greed!

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