Recipes of the weekend: Raphael in all sauces!

Craving something new for this heat wave weekend? Raphael gives you all his tips for preparing mixed salads and flavor-rich sauces to accompany them. Your aprons!

Raphael Haumont

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All over the sauce: Raphael Haumon
On all sauces: Raphael Haumon –
The Health Magazine – France 5

There are two main families of sauces: simple sauces, with oil and vinegar, and more cooked sauces.

For “easy” sauces, do it yourself! Good vinegar, a little oil and that’s it.
Choose the vinegar to your taste: white balsamic, red balsamic or even cider vinegar… the choice is yours!

However, choose your oils carefully. We prefer first cold pressed oils that are rich in omega 3 and ideally 6. A little salt and pepper and your sauce is ready!

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Haro on industrial sauces

For “cooked” sauces, avoid supermarket ones like Caesar or Asian sauces at all costs. These industrial sauces are really ultra-processed products. You think you’re eating raw vegetables, but with this type of sauce, you destroy all those good intentions.

To prepare a Homemade “Asian” sauce :

– Mix graduallySesame oil, vinegar and a little honey ;
– Add itGarlic, onion, pepper, soy sauce (which acts as salt) and fresh coriander ;
– Move the pipe mixture Grilled meat, chicken salad or just raw vegetables.

Make your own essential oils

to obtain citrus oilIt’s very simple!

– Take it A bottle of neutral oilFor example, for example, olive oil;
– place Well washed and unprocessed peel ;
– Addition A few seconds in the microwave.

The oil does not have time to heat up and the citrus flavors add flavor to the oil.

For vegetable oils:

– Blanche for a few seconds Parsley, basil or other fresh herbs ;
Chop or blend with oil
– Congratulations, you have a delicious new herbal oil that will slow you down Salads or your pizza.

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