Recipe ideas for making pesto

We don’t feature pesto/pasta combos anymore, but this iconic duo is far from the only way to go Cooking with pesto. This famous Italian seasoning is available as sauces, spreads, dips and pie bases and adds wonders to even the most classic recipes. whether you want it or not Make homemade pesto Or alternatively use a jar of industrial pesto, here are some culinary inspirations Pesto recipes.

A little history of pesto

If they say “pesto,” it’s a big deal green pesto Which comes to your mind first. This seasoning, also called “Pesto de Genoa”, is made from basil leaves, pine nuts, garlic, parmesan and olive oil, but not only. Truly, pesto is one of the endless recipes. The word pesto also comes from Latin song, which simply means “hit”. This name refers to the ancient tradition of striking Pesto sauces From a mortar and pestle, today we tend to use a blender to make homemade pesto.

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As for the pesto recipe, it is enough to mix vegetables (basil, sage, sun-dried tomatoes) with dried fruit (pine nuts, walnuts or hazelnuts) and add olive oil. So it’s easy to give up Green Pesto Recipe with other herbs such as mint, parsley or wild garlic. Want to fight food waste? Note that the top of the vegetable (radish or carrot) is an excellent base Prepare the original pesto. For our part, we recommend adding a few drops of lemon juice Pesto recipeI will tell you about it.

Good to Know: Whether you’re using pesto to enhance a pasta dish, make risotto, or make a vegetable quiche, it’s good to know that pesto is just a raw sauce. It is recommended not to heat the pesto on fire, at the risk of losing its flavor. Thus, to prepare A Recipe with pestoIt is better to include it in the removal from the fire.

4 original ways of cooking with pesto

Whether you want to replace the pasta with pesto or use up an already opened can, here are some ideas Easy pesto recipes :

  • Dips for appetizers : Mix a few spoonfuls of pesto with cream, Greek yogurt or even fresh cheese for a creamy spread and serve with raw vegetables, homemade pancakes or on toast.
  • Pizza with vegetable flavor : Turn Your Pizza Nights A Pesto sauce Instead of traditional tomato sauce.
  • Waffle dough with pesto : Do you like savory waffles? Put some pesto in your waffle batter to make original waffles for brunch.
  • Enhance the flavor of your vinaigrettes : Verde or Rosso, whatever type of pesto you have on hand, adding a little pep to the classic vinaigrette is ideal.

Recipe Ideas: What do you do with pesto?

Easy to combine, pesto can be used in both sauces and seasonings. Thus, it can accompany risotto, vegetable quiche, beef tartare or serve as both sauce and seasoning in a toasted panini or sandwich for a picnic with an Italian flavor.

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