Recipe for fresh homemade pasta: how to prepare it and cook it perfectly so that it is al dente

October 25 is International Pasta Day. We take the opportunity to practice making fresh homemade pasta. Discover the best tips for preparing, preparing and storing them.

Homemade fresh pasta, once you’ve tasted it, you’ll be tempted to go back. We enjoy the weekend Prepare them like an Italian chef! And if we do it as a family, it’s even more fun. You only need a few ingredients: good flour and eggs! as for pasta machine – sheet – , this is very practical, but not necessary. Follow our advice!

How to prepare fresh pasta?

It is best to work with a robot to prepare the dough. For delicious egg batter, Italian chef Simone ZanoniI recommend mixing it up 600 g of flour and 300 g of whole eggs. All these ingredients should be present at room temperature. If you don’t have a robot, create a flour pyramid by digging a well in it. Crack the eggs into this cavity and mix evenly. It takes at least 6 minutes to achieve this result. If the dough sticks to your fingers, then add a little flour creating a ball . Give him a chance Rest for at least 30 minutes under a damp cloth;This will prevent it from drying out. Then use a rolling pin or roll out the dough on a floured work surface. for cuttingStart with simple shapes like fettuccine or parpadelli. Then dry the pasta On a tea towel, maximum 10 minutes . You can also hang them on a wooden broom handle like in Italy!

How to prepare fresh pasta?

Water should come to a rolling boil Before dipping your pasta in it. There is no need to add olive oil to your cooking water. It is the best way to prevent the pasta from sticking together Create a stormbefore placing in boiling water. It is necessary to count 1 liter of water for 100 g of pasta. Don’t forget to salt the cooking water because your fresh pasta is not. It is important to add salt when the water is boiling, not at the beginning. not to deceive you Follow the 1/10/100 rule. This is 1 liter of water, 10 g of salt and 100 g of pasta.

How long should you cook fresh pasta?

It’s best to taste the time of preparation, because it all depends on the shapes you make. Your pasta should be al dente, ie. Both strong and flexible. You can also try passively cooking the pasta, but again by tasting it Stop cooking once they are al dente .

How to store fresh pasta?

To keep the pasta fresh, keep it in an airtight container. Or wrap them in plastic wrap. They keep in the fridge for 24 hours. and up to 1 month in the freezer.

Now you have all the cards in your hand Prepare delicious fresh pastaAnd stay on top International Pasta Day, which is celebrated on October 25 this year. And if you’re out of ideas for sauces, get inspired by our gourmet recipes. Spaghetti with garlic, homemade tomato sauce or even broccoli pesto, there is sure to be a preparation that will entice you! And last tip, don’t forget Save some water. Thanks to the starch contained in it, it helps to mix the pasta and sauce better. Just pour in the batter and sauce mixture. And that changes everything!

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