Recipe 20 Halloween Cake Ideas On Pinterest

Put some magic on your next cake with this selection of spooky Halloween cake recipes found on Pinterest!

Best cakes ideas on Pinterest

Recommend original recipes found on Pinterest. You can make your kids happy with homemade Halloween preparations and bet on scary decorations. Sweet cupcakes can be perfect for happy hour or dessert if you’re planning a sit-down meal. Accompany each of your culinary ideas with a fascinating cocktail recipe. Put yourself under the color of Halloween!

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Scary Halloween Cake

Among our spooky Halloween recipes, this orange cake offers a delicious decoration. Credit: blog.birdsparty

boo! Give your table a touch of horror with spooky desserts like this orange, white, and black cake. Icing sugar works wonders for decorating this layer cake. You will need cookie cutters to represent witches and other pumpkins. Take out your magic wand and get to work! Find the full recipe on the blog.birdsparty blog.

Black Widow Tombstone Cake for Halloween

Make these fondant cookies for Halloween populated by spiders and giant webs. Credit: Halfbakedharvest

Slip into the scary web of the enchanted spider and prepare original homemade desserts. Make the cakes first before you decorate because the little spiders in their webs have to die! Kids will love these creative recipe ideas and melts for this dessert frosting. Find the full recipe on the Half Baked Harvest blog

Cemetery cake and decoration for Halloween

Treat yourself to this delicious chocolate dessert that takes the shape of a graveyard for Halloween. Credit: amandinecooking

To celebrate monsters, this cake is a must. You will love this gourmet graveyard reproduction. You can buy brownies to make them go faster and cover them with homemade frosting made with good homemade cream. Get out in your cookie cutter and celebrate Halloween with the kids! Find the full recipe on the amandinecooking blog.

Pumpkin Chocolate Mousse for Halloween

Fill your little orange pumpkin to celebrate Halloween and take care of the decoration. Credit: perleensucre

Pumpkins always scare young and old alike during Halloween. Top the clementine with chocolate mousse for an amazing result and the kids will love it. This idea also works with oranges. You will need chocolate and eggs for this homemade dessert. Find the full recipe on the perleensucre blog.

Madeleines turned into Halloween spiders

The ugly spider is coming to your Halloween party! Credit: Delicacies

Make mini spiders using madeleines, chocolate chips and licorice, it’s a guaranteed hit! They will surely delight children. Gather flour, sugar, milk, eggs, butter and yeast to make your Madeleine. Find the full recipe on the gourmet blog.

Horror Panna Cotta Tarts for Halloween

This recipe found on Pinterest will amaze you with its spooky decoration. Credit: poupougnette

Devour these ugly cakes, both melty and crunchy! First prepare the chocolate cake, then the panna cotta (with coconut milk that you can flavor with vanilla for example) and finish by shaping the macabre face. Find the full recipe on the poupougnette blog.

Mummy cake for Halloween

This mini mummy is made with vanilla biscuit, homemade pastry. Credit: marineiscooking

Keep making Halloween cookies with these unexpected recipe ideas. You need to add cookie dough and start baking until it turns into strips of icing and don’t forget the eyes. Find the full recipe on the marineiscooking blog.

Spider cookies for Halloween

These spider-topped cupcakes are a must-have for a Halloween party. Credit: amandinecooking

Repeat the cake recipe and plant the chocolate ball as maltsters, then draw the legs with a good taste of cocoa. Remove the flour, sugar and yeast necessary for this pastry. Find the full recipe on the amandinecooking blog.

Oreo cupcakes and a witch hat for Halloween

These Oreo cupcakes are topped with homemade ganache. Credit: justhappyfoodie

Witches arrive at a Halloween party with crunchy recipe ideas. Cover your chocolate cupcakes with ganache and decorate Oreos in wicked colors. The hat sits on top to catch the eye. Find the full recipe on the simplehappyfoodie blog.

Halloween brain cake

On Halloween, we can’t do without this recipe for red brains. Credit: blog.cerfdeliier

This is without a doubt the scariest and most realistic of all Halloween cookies. It is made of cake, covered with chocolate ganache and all covered with pink sugar paste for optimal results. Create an innovation in your kitchen! Find the full recipe at blog.cerfdellier.

Cupcakes covered in spiders for Halloween

These little beasts are popular at Halloween parties and you can have them as cupcakes. Credit: cupcakeproject

If you’re a cupcake lover, it’s time to turn them into a night terror. Make soft cakes by baking first, then cover with a sweet cream ganache with butter. Using candy, form a spider. Find the recipe on the cupcakeproject blog.

Halloween Nutcracker Eyes

Open your eyes wide and open your mouth for this top notch appetite. Credit: Kitchen-Addict.

Turn Rafaello into bloodshot eyes to scare your guests. These coconut balls contain food coloring for a trompe-o’-el effect. This is one of the easiest and fastest recipes to replicate in your kitchen, it’s up to you! Find the full recipe on the cooking-addict blog.

A vampire bites for Halloween

Mix fun and horror with these spooky cupcakes. Credit: c-monetiquette

A little imagination for these cakes straight from hell! Start by preparing each chocolate chip cookie and start baking. Then take care of the side dish to surprise your whole table. For a snack or a vampire dessert, you get these cupcakes! Find the full recipe on the c-monetiquette blog.

Halloween Bat Cupcakes

Bake Cupcake Bats Oreo Cookies! Credit: giallozafferano

Bats appear when midnight demons dance. These chocolate cupcakes are very easy to make. Start with muffins baked in a special mold, top with chocolate ganache and finish with an Oreo cookie to make the ears. The sugar eyes are the last crucial detail! See the full recipe on giallozafferano’s blog.

Horror cookies for Halloween

Get ready with these totally bone-chilling cookie cutters. Credit: patedevelours

Trick or Treating… or a Cookie for Halloween! Put a face on this little gourmet cookie and follow the recipe to decorate the cookie dough (lemon, vanilla, plain…). Use melted chocolate as icing to complete your special Halloween looks. Eggs, butter, flour, vanilla and sugar should be mixed together. You can also use a pastry pen for extra details. Find the full recipe on the patedevelours blog.

Spicy Muffins for Halloween

Don’t resist these bloody, razor-sharp muffins for Halloween. Credit: third-stopontheme

Let the blood drip on these comforting muffins that are perfect for Halloween. This reimagined cupcake has a red muffin as a base made with food coloring. The creamy, white ganache is garnished with artificial gelatin glass pieces. Friends will ask you about the details of preparation! Find the full recipe on the thirdstoppontheright blog.

Pumpkin pie for Halloween

Delight all your friends with this monstrous cake that’s perfect for Halloween in black and white. Credit: bakingamoment

Witches, pumpkins and ghosts on one cake! Outdo yourself with these amazing and elaborate confections that will whet the appetite of your greedy vampires and monsters. This pumpkin layer cake has multiple layers of vanilla cream and drizzled chocolate cake underneath a row of sugar paste figures. Pumpkins were used to highlight the festive side. Impossible to resist this chewy masterpiece! Find the full recipe on the bakingamoment blog.

Blood cake for Halloween

This cake recipe is the most barbaric of Halloween desserts. Credit: aglowlifestyle

Use the bloody mixture for Halloween dessert ideas. Pop the color with a chocolate fondant recipe covered in red fruit frosting or food coloring for a spooky effect. This layered cake with a dose of chocolate will surprise the party and make the party go crazy. Kids want more! Find the full recipe on the aglowlifestyle blog.

Ghost cake for Halloween

Among our recipe ideas, you’ll love this ghost cake for a Halloween party. Credit: kanelaylimon

Bring your imagination to life with this black and white ghost cake. Watch the cake bake in the oven and build the layers, thanks to the cocoa ganache between each layer to make a layered cake. Tiny candy eyes create the illusion, and ghost-style marshmallows top it all off. Find the full recipe on the kanelaylimon blog.

Halloween monster cake

Let the culinary magic happen with this eye-catching cookie recipe on Halloween night! Credit: amusebouche

Which cakes will rock your monster parade? This recipe mimics a furry monster that’s actually covered in irresistible sugar paste. As a bonus, colorful candies are waiting for you from the very first bite! Bloody eyes confirm all the horror of this creation. Find the full recipe on the amusebouche blog.

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