Readers’ Recipes: Evelyn Milasso

A big winner will be announced, who will be the star of the festival on Sunday. In the meantime, “Sud Ouest” takes over and sends a wide audience some recipes that you want to share with your loved ones. Here is Evelyn Milasso today. “This Southwestern dessert is etched in everyone’s memory. Originally made with cornmeal (called millasse in old French), it’s impossible to miss! “, he tells us. This typical Gascon cake and very easy to prepare is actually very old, we find traces of it in the 19th century.e century in the texts of Eugène Le Roy, the author of the novel “Jacquou le Croquant”.

Ingredients for 5 people

4 eggs. 300 g of sugar. 100 g flour (half corn and half wheat). 50 cl whole milk. 5 tsp of rum and a little vanilla.


Preparation: 5 min. Preparation: 30 min. Rest: 6 hours or more.

Preheat the oven to 170°C. Place eggs in a bowl, add sugar and mix very vigorously. Pour in the flour, stirring very vigorously again. The mixture should be very homogeneous. Then add lukewarm milk, rum and vanilla. Bake in bain-marie for about 30 minutes. The cooked milaso should barely wobble in the center. Cool to room temperature and serve the next day. You can flavor this milasso with Armagnac.

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