Ookies Pastry Box for May 2022: Flower Cookies

The month of May was the perfect time to offer a very spring-like theme to the Ookies candy box. Indeed, this month we had the chance to make some little flower cakes with my daughter. A lovely idea that pleases our taste buds.

Ookie Box: Concept

Ookies is a monthly box that lets you get everything you need to bake a recipe each month. The box contains all the dry ingredients needed to make the month’s recipe, as well as a detailed recipe card and equipment. Ookies allows you to enjoy a parent/child workshop on a topic that is often appreciated by all: baking.

All the ingredients used to make the recipe are of organic origin for healthy delicacies. Decorations are 100% natural and guaranteed chemical free.

The pastry box is available at different prices depending on the subscription chosen: from €23.90 to €25.90. You can subscribe to the Ookies box for a month, 3 months, 6 months or a year.

Ookies: Box of the Month for May

This month we’ve got everything you need to make flower shaped cakes. The theme for the month of May, as I told you above, is very spring-like, which is not a bad thing for us. We made this recipe at the end of the month, the day before Mother’s Day. So we were able to bring our beautiful flower pots to our various family gatherings to celebrate moms!

Indeed, the presentation of the biscuits is very original, because we have prepared a bouquet of real flowers in the filled biscuit! I will not hide from you that this has its small effect.

May’s box contains all the dry ingredients needed to make the recipe. We added perishables. This month it’s all about butter and eggs.

Cookies-flowers-box-cookieThe May box contains:

  • Organic cookie mix
  • Strawberry chocolate mix
  • Yellow crunchy mini balls
  • A jar of rhubarb jam
  • Flower cookie cutter
  • Sticker heart
  • wooden sticks
  • Two kraft cans
  • Two sheets of biodegradable baking paper

Making a recipe

This month I discovered that I could make a quick and easy recipe. Even though different cakes are never too difficult to make, they still have variable cooking times. For flower cakes, the Ookies team expects a production time of approximately 1 hour (not including break time).

The recipe had to be prepared in several steps: making the cookie dough, making the flower cakes, assembling and dressing.

A bouquet of flowers and cakes

The recipe for flower biscuits from the May Ookies pastry box was very easy to make. As always, the steps are very well explained and illustrated. My daughter doesn’t necessarily help me throughout the activity, but she does enjoy participating and watching. Like the previous months, I find the new presentation packaging of the box very nice indeed. It allows you to directly see the recipe of the month, and I must say that I really like it.

I really appreciate the effort put into the food packaging. For me, who is vigilant about tidying and who is mindful of my plastic consumption, it is important to have as much as possible. Over the course of several months, the Ookies team replaced their plastic packaging with kraft packaging (with a thin layer of the same plastic on the inside). It’s not the best of the best, but I appreciate the gesture.

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