On the contrary: confectionery where you can have fun without fat

Whipped cream, chocolate toppings, pralines… everything is delicious in Valerie’s little shop, located at the top of the Vauban district in Marseille. Except that here the cakes are reduced in sugar. Fun for diabetics, but also for those who want to take care of their health.

Cakes are full of junk. We like it, but we still try to take care of our health– jokes Claude. Today he comes to Au Contraire pastry shop for the first time. According to the doctor’s orders, he should be careful what he eats. It’s there thanks to word of mouth.

It’s impossible to have fun when you have to watch your weight or manage your blood sugar. “On the contrary!– Valery answers.

A converted pastry chef, the mother made a bold choice from the hotel school chairs: to lighten all the recipes in refined sugar. Less sugar, but just as much fun.

Today, together with their daughter Marie-Louise, they have been running the Au Contraire pastry shop for three years. These gourmet cookies, cakes and even Yule logs are for anyone who wants to avoid refined sugar: mothers-to-be with gestational diabetes, diabetics and those looking for better hygiene in the long run.

After he opened his shop, Valerie had only one idea: Break the hate codes and let everyone have fun. For Christmas, Valerie has already developed a pecan praline log with mango passion fruit and copper crumble.

By changing the recipe Alternative sugars They arrive Reduce sugar levels by 40% And offer cakes that don’t create a glycemic spike.

The price of quality

To prepare delicious and healthy cakes, the Au Contraire team faced a problem: prices. In general, alternative sugar likes Coconut, agave or birch sugar Much more expensive per kilogram than beet sugar, which is mass-produced and heavily subsidized by national and European policies.

In conditions of generalized inflation, the prices of sugar, flour and eggs explode. Thanks to the quality of the products offered, the two pastry chefs are able to maintain an increasingly large and diverse clientele.

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