Mussels are all you can eat during flanche, and with a new summer recipe, we’re going to eat it!

Marinated, with cream or even Roquefort… Mussels are in every sauce for lunch! Florian OnAir, a food vlogger, went to Flanch restaurant to discover the mussels on offer and the least we can say is that he loved it, especially with a new recipe on the cards this summer.

Mussels are not allowed on the flange! Optionally, they are offered with various sauces to please all gourmets. As every year, the traditional marine mussels are back in the flanche restaurants. A recipe of onions, celery, carrots, white wine, parsley and chives that everyone agrees on.

Flanch also offers rich creamy mussels with a hint of paprika. And if you’re like Florian OnAir, a food vlogger, and love mussels in Roquefort, be sure to eat this sauce until you lick your fingers!

And accompanying the mussels then? Potatoes of course! It’s the perfect accompaniment to enjoying your mussels and at lunch, a whole vegetable buffet is also available as you like. But the big news of the year is definitely the new sauce recipe coming this summer!

A new recipe for mussels for lunch

You will see door mussels this summer. A fragrant plate with an exotic touch that will delight your taste buds! Hmm, we’re drooling just thinking about it…

Don’t worry: if you don’t know what to choose and want to try all the sauces, it’s totally possible! For lunch, you can have the first round of Mussels Mariner, then Mussels at Karis and finish with Mussels at Roquefort. There really is something for everyone, Florian wouldn’t say otherwise!

Another big news this year, mussels are also coming to the Flunchy menu! Yes, the little ones can like the adults and taste the delicious mussel marinade.

Share your ideas on Flanch’s social networks!

Regularly asks its subscribers through social networks to involve them in the development of new recipes. So if you have new gourmet ideas to offer, don’t hesitate to take to social networks to share your best recipes! Maybe your recipe will be the next à la carte in the flanche restaurants… it’s a dream come true!

In the meantime, quickly (re)discover the mussels you eat at every flanche restaurant, served every time (or with every sauce)!

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