McDonald’s is releasing 3 new (and limited edition) sauces inspired by its famous burgers!

McDonald’s just released three new exclusive sauces! And not just any sauce: three legendary burgers.

McDonald’s is launching 3 new sauces inspired by its famous burgers for a limited time. Credit: McDonald’s

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An impossible story, finally possible“McDonald’s has certainly just realized the dream of many of us by marketing these three little pots of sauce. And for once, indeed, in French McDonald’s restaurants we will be able to enjoy it (as opposed to a Happy Meal for adults).

Therefore, this special offer is three new sauces to dip your nuggets or fries (but also your burgers if you want, why not after all). village, “sauces of temptation“, launched this Tuesday, October 4, with two sauces released so far (with a third coming at the end of the month). But then, which sauces? There’s no real news in the background, because they’re anything but. The fast food chain’s most legendary burger sauces!

Big Mac and Royal Deluxe sauces are finally available in cans!

Big Mac and Royal Deluxe sauces are currently available. Big Tasty sauce will be released on October 25. Credit: McDonald’s

To kick off this gourmet operation, McDonald’s launched two sauces inspired by its flagship burgers: the Big Mac and the Royal Deluxe. The first one was already sold in limited edition only two years ago and we were disappointed not to be able to enjoy it again. So this time, we will not be fooled and will quickly go to McDonald’s restaurants to order our little pot with sauce.

The only problem is that we’ll definitely be delaying the second sauce that’s available now. Yes, the Royal Deluxe sauce, with Old Mustard, is also the emblem of the chain’s golden M! The easiest way would be to have both, because, as they say, “a choice is a choice.” And obviously, we don’t want to choose between one or the other. Especially when a third will soon appear on the menu on October 25.

Big Tasty sauce will be released on October 25

McDonald’s must-have fried sauce Big Tasty will also be sold in an individual version! If you too were happy when Big Tasty returned to the menu for its incredibly tasty sauce, all you have to do is wait patiently until October 25th to get your hands on a small jar of Big Tasty Sauce. We can hardly imagine the joy of dipping nuggets and fries in this sauce… and in the meantime, we’ll be serving Big Mac and Royal Deluxe sauces afterwards!

We just hope the arrival of these three exclusive sauces doesn’t cause a stir like the Szechuan sauce in the US… but we still recommend you take advantage of them before they disappear from the menu, as they are only limited edition! So which sauce do you want the most?

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