“In Extremis”, cookies that raise the price of unsold items

Video. The emphasis on organic, anti-waste and healthy products is the idea of ​​Marie Eppe from Lunévillois, who started to create an anti-waste food company. New, from September 2022, all cookies sold are certified ORGANIC.

On video. Description of Marie EPPE, Founder of In Extremis.

The brand name in Extremis or “at the last minute“To summarize the process itself. The idea came from seeing that every year in France, 10 million tons of food are wasted, for example, 317 kg per second at a cost of 16 billion euros , according to the figures of the Environmental and Energy Management Agency (Ademe). These figures encouraged Marie Eppe, a native of Lunévillois. In 2020, the girl, who is an agricultural engineer, created her own company. Believing that the answers are there because “Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is changed”as Antoine Lavoisier says, it is going to “ride a bike” or “ride a bike”. A written strategy in the circular economy is to give a second life to things that need to be wasted or destroyed, especially during the production and processing of food.

Today, In-Extremis biscuits, available sweet or savory, are made from “unsold bread with defects in appearance, bread that is crumbly or dry“Then they combine their recipes with ingredients made in France, wheat flour, seeds, rapeseed oil, salt from Ile de Ré, beet sugar.”In Extremis they fulfill a double meaning for us. On the one hand, it records our commitment to the fight against food waste; the meaning “at the last minute” reflects the fact that we save and recycle foods that were originally meant to be thrown away (or reduced). On the one hand, it is related to our commitment to preserving the environment; The meaning of “until the end” means to us that it is time to take care of our planet, that it is our responsibility to dedicate ourselves to its preservation today because tomorrow will be too late.“.

It’s In Extremis,”the goal is not to create new things through over-production and over-consumption, but to think about things that already exist.“, says Marie Eppe, founder.Today, many products are discarded from production lines because they have defects in shape, form or weight. However, this waste meets the same requirements for quality, food safety and production as the finished products for sale.“.

A commitment that continues to grow, as recently as September 2022, the brand of anti-waste cookies obtained the ORGANIC certification for its products. “A big challenge, since two different branches had to be created and already proven: the part to restore unsold bread and the way to turn bread into bread flour.“. Thanks to this certificate, In Extremis began to identify bakeries, artisan or industrial, certified ORGANIC, which have encountered food waste, explains the Lunévillo company.

Marie Eppe’s products are sold online on her website, as well as in small shops and stores that offer more. Orders can also be received at the Lunéville location.

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