How to thicken the sauce?

How to thicken the sauce? Getty Images

Yes, it is quite possible to fill the sauce with too much liquid. Here are some tips to thicken sauce in seconds.

How to thicken the sauce with flour?

Here is the easiest and fastest way to thicken the sauce. Put two tablespoons of flour in a bowl with a few milliliters of cold water. After mixing everything well, the drug can be poured into the sauce, which is boiled over low heat. It is enough to mix until it thickens. This trick can be used with cornstarch. This technique can be chosen for different types of sauces, such as béchamel sauce, shrimp sauce or breaded mushroom sauce.

How to make a sauce thicker gray?

This second technique requires flour and fat. Both butter and oil work for this trick. Simply pour the fat of your choice into the pot and then add the flour. The same amount should be used. A tablespoon of each is ideal. The mixture should be cooked on low heat for about 2 minutes. It all depends on the desired thickness. Before adding the liquid sauce to the roux, it should be allowed to cool. It remains to mix everything together to get a thicker and gourmet sauce. This technique can be used for sauces such as tomato sauce, onion sauce or dill and lemon cream.

Thicken the sauce using mashed potatoes

Here’s a very little-known but very effective trick for thickening a sauce. Ground mash is easy to find, except that it will be used for a very runny sauce. The taste of the sauce changes slightly, which gives preference to the practical and quick character. The technique is simple. One tablespoon worth of potato flakes in the sauce over low heat. Then just stir until it thickens. This technique makes Roquefort sauces, pepper and herb sauces more delicious.

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Make the sauce thicker with slices of bread

Bread crumbs, often forgotten in the back of the cupboards, are useful not only for making bread, but also for thickening sauces. In addition, this technique is completed quickly. Simply pour the soft sauce over the breadcrumbs and stir until the mixture thickens. It is advisable to add breadcrumbs little by little until you get the desired texture. The sauce retains its good taste but becomes smoother. You can try this trick for protein sauce, peanut sauce, or cheese sauce.

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