How to prepare and prepare a biscuit with a spoon?

Often confused with its cousin the boudoir, the biscuit spoon biscuit is known for its important role in tiramisu and charlotte recipes. But how to prepare it? We tell you everything!

Dry and soft, long and dusted with powdered sugar, this is what makes a good spoon biscuit. It is essential in pastry, especially if you want to make famous desserts like charlotte or the famous tiramisu. Unlike other cookies, this cookie has the ability to be soaked and retain its texture.

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But why does this cookie bear his name?

First of all, the term biscuit comes from the fact that it is baked twice (bi-cuit). After the first part, we sprinkle powdered sugar and then put it in the oven for the second time to get that delicious crust that we can’t help but bite into. On the other hand, the term “spoon” biscuit was given because of the method of its preparation. Indeed, there were no piping bags at that time, so we placed the cookies on the baking sheet with spoons.

For the record, Prince Charles-Maurice de Talleyrand loved dry biscuits. But it is difficult for him to crush them perfectly because of his fragile teeth. To soften them he got into the habit of dipping them in a glass of Madeira. Then the famous chef Antonin Karem came up with the idea to create cakes that could be soaked without leaving the cake. These cakes are now used to accompany coffee, but also to prepare desserts.

How to properly store lady fingers?

A spoon biscuit is a so-called “dry” cake. Therefore, it should be stored away from direct sunlight and moisture. For this, you can place them in airtight bags or cake boxes. However, if you want to store your dessert, you can find dishes with lids and compatible with the oven and refrigerator. You can also use transparent plastic film. After opening the package, place them in an airtight, dry box and consume within 15 days. You can even freeze them.

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How to make homemade spoon biscuit?

For those who prefer a 100% homemade dessert, you can also make your own lady fingers. The recipe is simple, does not require many ingredients and does not take much time.

For this you will need:
90 grams of sugar
60 g of flour
Sugar powder
vanilla sugar
3 eggs

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As for dishes, here are the basics:
1 oven shelf
1 piping bag
1 whip
1 kitchen scale
1 electric mixer
1 bowl
Baking paper

Necessary utensils

  • Step 1: Beat egg yolks with 35 g of powdered sugar in a container.
  • Step 2: Beat the egg whites and add the remaining sugar.
  • Step 3: Mix 2 drugs.
  • Step 4: Add the flour without overworking the dough.
  • Step 5: Add everything to a piping bag.
  • Step 6: Using a piping bag, place cookies on a baking sheet.
  • Step 7: Dust the cookies with powdered sugar.
  • Step 8: Bake cookies at 150 degrees for 20 minutes.

How to make a biscuit with a spoon?

Very often used in baking, but also given to babies to learn to chew, spoon biscuits are essential for making certain traditional desserts. There are several options available to you:

Some cake recipes, such as charlottes, require baking. Therefore, you will need a form that is easy to open and clean, as well as a baking sheet. Consider investing in potholders so you don’t burn your hands. Some forms are not equipped with handles.

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All tiramisu-type desserts do not require an oven to prepare, just place the preparation in the refrigerator. Therefore, you will need utensils and accessories that can withstand thermal shocks, as well as high and low temperatures. Airtight boxes, lidded dishes, trivets, you are spoiled for choice!

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Spoon cakes can be eaten without being incorporated into the cake. It can be enjoyed as a glass of champagne or coffee.

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What is Nutritional Information?

A spoonful of biscuits has a very high calorie intake. This type of biscuit provides very little fiber, which makes it not very filling. To see it a little more clearly, 100 g of biscuits contains 308 calories.

A serving of a spoonful of biscuits contains:

  • 24 calories (kcal)
  • It is rich in carbohydrates with 60.0g per 100g
  • It is low in fat, 3.7g per 100g
  • It has a low fiber content of 1.1g per 100g

To summarize, the nutritional intake in 100 g of finger biscuits is 8.75 g protein, 60.0 g carbohydrates and 3.7 g lipids.
Due to its high sugar content, it is ideal to eat it before or during physical activity.

What is the difference between a boudoir and a biscuit a la spoon?

It’s easy to confuse ladyfingers with ladyfingers. However, several characteristics distinguish them. A spoon biscuit is much less dry and soft than ladyfingers because it is not cooked with whole eggs. The second difference is that the boudoir is much thinner and more elongated than the biscuit with a spoon. The latter is sprinkled with powdered sugar, and the boudoir is covered with granulated sugar. When these biscuits are used to make charlotte or tiramisu, the spoon biscuit takes less time than its cousin the boudoir.

Since when should we give a cake to a baby?

8 months. This is the age from which each parent can give their child a solid cookie, but not just any cookie. The boudoir is perfectly adapted to the child’s age, chewing and feeding needs. They have a slightly hard but easy chew. Thanks to their melty texture, they can be chewed without leaving any crumbs!

What are other similar cookies?

In addition to ladyfingers, ladyfingers have other slightly more colorful cousins. Reims pink biscuits, often eaten by French kings on the eve of their coronation, are flatter than ladyfingers and spoon biscuits. Lightly flavored with vanilla, this cookie owes its pink color to carmine, a natural red coloring added during baking to tone down the color of the vanilla seeds.

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