How to make mayonnaise in less than 20 seconds to go with your salads and grills this summer?

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On sunny days, there is nothing like delicious homemade mayonnaise to enjoy with grilled meats and a variety of salads. But this time, no need to worry, we have found the perfect recipe for you: making zero-effort mayonnaise in less than 20 seconds. We will show you!

Perfect for garnishing cold starters, raw vegetables or grilled meats in summer. Mayonnaise is a staple in the sauce department. And it’s even better when it’s homemade. Cooking enthusiast and ultra-gourmet video creator Whoogy’s shared her recipe on her social media. Easy to prepare and above all, it is not allowedThe latter promises to make you happy in less than 20 seconds. secret? using an immersion blender. We share this wonderful discovery with you.

Mistakes to avoid to make good mayo:
– When cooking by hand and without a blender, add the oil very quickly
– Do not add vinegar or any other liquid that allows the oil to emulsify
– Use very cold eggs. It is better to leave it at room temperature before starting
– The end of the season

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This mayonnaise recipe is ready in less than 20 seconds

1 whole egg
30 cl of sunflower oil
1 tbsp of mustard
1 tsp red wine vinegar
Salt and pepper

Preparation :
Crack an egg into a container with high sides. Don’t just save the yolks for this recipe.

Add mustard, wine vinegar, salt and pepper.

Pour sunflower oil into the same container.

Then take an immersion blender and insert the bottom part into the bottom of the container. Blend for 3 to 4 seconds without stirring, then blend gently until desired texture is achieved.

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