How to make caramel?

Dry, with water or salted butter… there are different ones Caramel making technique… but miss as many mistakes as possible! We evaluate the most common and give you our advice a Homemade caramel is a success every time.

for that Make dry caramel, you will only need a pot and white sugar. But be careful, the recipe is not easy because the list of ingredients is short! The Dry caramel There is constant monitoring and, above all, sugar must not be mixed at all! As the caramel begins to form, continuously ‘stir’ the caramel, i.e. make circles with the pan, to loosen any remaining uncooked sugar. Continue cooking until the caramel turns brown.

Why not mix in the caramel?

Do not stir the caramel during cooking, you risk it seed, that is, certain pieces of sugar are formed through the wooden spoon and then they cannot melt anymore… or with difficulty. The result: it will be good to start making homemade caramel again!

Should you add water to the caramel?

If you want to get a softer and more liquid caramel, you can add a little water during cooking. The principle is the same as for dry caramel: boil your white sugar, add a third of water compared to the amount of sugar.

in order to avoid Caramel crystallization, you can add a few drops of lemon or vinegar to the water. Thus, it will remain very liquid.

Video – autumn casserole recipes:

A trick to test caramel color

To ensure your caramel color, the trick is to dip a small piece of parchment paper into the browned sugar. You will see that Caramel color Its color is faithfully reflected on white paper: it can be bright, that is, yellow; red or even dark.

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