Homemade gnocchi with brown crab and mushrooms

Gnocchi, crab, mushrooms, lemon balm


Gnocchi : 500 g potatoes, 100 g corn starch, 100 g flour 00, 1 egg

1 shallot, a piece of butter, about 200 g of mushrooms

Cream of crab : 450 g of brown crab meat, 100 g of eggs, 150 ml of fresh cream, 150 ml of milk

Vegetable oil : 100 g of herbs, 150 g of neutral oil


Gnocchi :

Cook the potatoes skin-on in the oven on a bed of salt at 180°C for about 1 hour 30 minutes (check for doneness with the tip of a knife).

Mix all the ingredients. Knead it. Form sausages, then cut into small pieces. Freeze them for a few hours, they will be easier to process.

Boil them in boiling water. Once they come to the surface, they are ready!

Heat the butter in a pan. Add chopped shallots and mushrooms. Fry the gnocchi before serving.

Cream of crab :

You should use the brown parts of the cake (and maybe add some meat to the recipe). Cook the brown crab (until the core is at 50°C). Beat the preparation together with all the ingredients in the form of a creamy cream.

Switch to Chinese. Season (garlic, salt) to taste.

Vegetable oil :

Heat the oil to 60°C. Add mixed herbs. mixer.

dressage :

Arrange the gnocchi, then top with the crab cream. Top with mushrooms and herb oil.

You can also add lemon balm leaves or any of the herbs used in the vegetable oil.

By Benjamin Sánchez, chef at Regain (Lyon 1er)

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