Halloween 2022: 7 scariest dishes to cook!

Halloween is almost here! If you’re looking for must-have dishes to tantalize your taste buds, read on…

You will be like this on October 31, 2022 Thousands of people celebrate Halloween ! if you are looking for Lots of fun to celebrate the occasion, The rest of the paper should make you happy… MCE TV reveals everything from A to Z.

Halloween: These treats are taking the Internet by storm

Party coming soonHalloween is celebrated internationally. Young and old alike will make a show their disguises.

On this special day, it is impossible to ignore the tracts! On the Internet, Internet users also began to highlight certain recipes.

Here are a few…so take note!

1 – amazing cakes with taste

on TikTok, Cake pops are popular. Especially the pumpkin lantern with its magic hat!

We see it everywhere! treatment It is also quite easy to make.

In addition, you do not need to prepare it. cool ! All you need is candy or chocolate chip cookies.

You can then decorate them with the food of your choice. Eyes, mouth, don’t forget anything… so it’s up to you!

2 – Halloween bark releases passions

Bet on crusts this year, they are a must! especially corn. There is a recipe that you can mix with pretzels.

But also melting chocolate. All mixed together, you can make amazing cakes… As for the taste, it’s a treat!

3 – Mummy’s cake is a hit

This is the star of the moment on social networks. In addition, you should Find mummy cake in certain stores.

Otherwise, you can do it yourself. secret? This is ice for making stripes.

So choose oil and food coloring to paint the eyes.

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4 – Finger Cakes to Intimidate Your Guests

If you want to go blind your loved ones on halloween That’s why you should bet on your fingers with taste. To remind you, this There are sugar cookies.

Many recipes should also please you. You will need to make them Cookie dough for the shape.

But also jam and Oreo crisps Fingers look dirty… And bloody.

You can place the biscuit so that it does not break during baking inside a pretzel stick.

5 – Brown is popular

do you like chocolate So it’s incredible Brownie recipe I have to make you happy.

A little secret: pour a Dough on top of the cake with some Orange and dark chocolate chips. Success is guaranteed!

6 – Chocolate candy apples are popular

We love to try them every day… those toffee apples! But for Halloween, present them in chocolate… instead of caramel.

Add some color spots on top. This will make you all angry. promise! Swear!

7 – Frankenstein’s pretzel must be discovered now

You got it right, we canRegarding the pretzels. Why not convert them Frankenstein ?

Yes, you should think about it! For this you need candy worms. but also Melted chocolate and… pretzels. goodbye!

Be creative with your eyes. you You have carte blanche!

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