Dodge Challenger and RAM land in Europe and electric!

According to our information, Dodge will launch the new electric Challenger and the upcoming RAM, also electric, on the Old Continent from the middle of the decade.

Will electric cars allow historic American brands to return to Europe? With the exception of Ford, who was always there, the others never found the miracle recipe for keeping things going on the Old Continent. If the products were hardly suitable due to the motorization that was too greedy, the cards have been changed by the democratization of electric mobility: no more fuel problems or killer taxes. This is what makes GM and Chrysler consider coming back to us. For the former, we’ll have more coming next spring. But the second program already looks tempting!

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“Heavy” in Dodge in France?

The end of the Dodge Ram V8 is near
The end of the Dodge Ram V8 is near© Chrysler

Dodge, a subsidiary of Stellantis, is present in France only through certain professional importers of American cars. But the parent company plans to return to Europe with two flagship models: The upcoming electric Dodge Challenger (in 2025) and the next electric RAM pickup (in 2026). Its presentation has been postponed to CES in Las Vegas early next year. The two vehicles are built on the “big” version of the STLA platform, which is available in all Stellantis sauces, from the smallest electric to the large full-size pickup.

However, Chrysler’s two behemoths may have trouble with General Motors, which may introduce the Blazer, Equinox, and why not a lighter version of the Hummer EV. But for the latter and the electric RAM there will be a weight problem: in Europe the B license limit is 3.5 tons. Ford F150 Lightning, already on the market, has a mass of up to 3 tons in the best equipped versions. The RAM and Silverado EV will have to deal with that limit if they want to cross the Atlantic.

was published 15.11.2022 updated 15.11.2022

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