Coffee cheese, vegetable corned beef, sauces for a good mood… soon on our plates?

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    For five days, at the exhibition center of Paris-Nord Villepinte, food innovations were presented, each one more original than the other. Will they be on our plates soon? Focus on tomorrow’s food products.

    More food than the original…

    Remember corned beef, that agglomerated meat that looks like dog food packaged in a trapezoidal metal can? Borrowed from British culture in the 90s, these foods generally helped you after a drunken night out… or when you were too lazy to go shopping.

    Brace yourself: corned beef is making a big comeback in supermarkets as a vegetable. In the Philippines, the Century Pacific Food brand has reworked the recipe to remove all animal proteins and offer a vegetable substitute. Available in American supermarkets for a few days, this vegetable corned beef is reviving the image of a food whose composition has long been criticized for its excessive content of additives. In this veggie version, the range, called Unmeat, promises to reduce salt by 60% and even nitrites by 30% compared to the meat version.

    If you missed the desire to connect with beef, rest assured that the food industry has thought of satisfying your pleasure, as it is the first purchase criterion for 72% of consumers worldwide, according to research conducted by Sial.

    How about a coffee-cured cheese in this section? We often wonder whether to peel or not. At a time when food waste is an urgent problem, a Dutch family that has built an impressive cheese business has decided to put an end to this headache: their new cheese rind is not only edible, but also delicious. This refinement with coffee gives quite impressive results, we must admit. Marketing has just begun.

    Sauces to boost your mood

    Among many food innovations, the use of natural ingredients is also an area of ​​development for brands that want to provide nutritional answers to certain consumer expectations.

    You probably remember nutraceuticals, those foods that promised good things to our bodies by borrowing all the drug codes? If that department ultimately fails, especially due to regulatory issues, the Turkish brand is betting on making people smile by supporting sauces and dressings enriched with saffron, blueberries or chia seeds. This brand, called Chef Season, has planned to use a wide range of functional ingredients to promote good mood. In other words, the beneficial properties of these ingredients are emphasized – it seems that chia seeds can help regulate mood.

    A good marketing move that is not a first for the brand. The brand has indeed won the collaboration of celebrity chef Salt Bae, an influencer who has made the salt seasoning a globally recognized gesture. A chef with an exaggerated ego, the range is also featured in Sial, with a shelf of fresh salt flakes named after him. The texture is innovative, the grain size is close to small pebbles, like a beach with fine sand.

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