Christmas Recipes: Festive Meals by Chef Philippe Renard

BRESSE goose with truffle

A special frame for a special table

Anchored on the Left Bank, in the heart of Paris des Arts et des Lettres, the renowned table of star chef Philippe Renard invites guests to a gourmet experience of refined and generous cuisine. People come here for dinner with friends or family or just to eat with a book. Then you can stop on the terrace or under the glass roof, depending on the season. Time then stands still in this idyllic setting, nestled in lush greenery, away from noise and cars: the Jardin du Luxembourg.

They chose the most beautiful garden in France, the site of both stories, created by Marie de’ Medici, who in 1612 built a palace, now the property of the Senate, an open-air museum with alleys lined with statues, a shelter. A peace that helps to awaken all the senses, this park could only accommodate a special institution. This has been done since 2016 with the Table du Luxembourg, an establishment that perfectly matches the spirit of the place.

This atypical restaurant offers a warm welcome in an elegant and relaxed atmosphere. Both a traditional brasserie and a literary café, it brings together artists, politicians, businessmen and women, locals and tourists around an authentic and gourmet cuisine that reflects the traditional recipes of our regions.

Throughout the winter season and during the year-end celebrations, the chef offers two different dishes of local gastronomy every month.

A passionate leader. Generous kitchen

Philippe Renard headed the kitchen at Lutetia for 23 years before creating Table du Luxembourg. Then he transfers from the palace to the garden what is the essence of his cuisine: fun. And for 30 years, he has been joining his suppliers and partners in the adventure.

Its menu evolves with the seasons and carefully selected products to create a rich local cuisine. You will be surprised by the freshness of the Nisoise salad with lobster, the softness of the creamy pumpkin soup with chestnuts, the comfort of a pot-au-feu that reminds you of your childhood, the aroma of the Ardèche and its mash or even. Milfele delicacy with vanilla cream and red fruits.

Each dish is inspired by a traditional local recipe that the chef revisits and updates. His credo: kiss the taste buds in favor of healthy and sustainable food.

A true enthusiast, Philippe Renard is driven by a passion for discovery and transmission. Vice-president of Chefs de France, he is also a trainer with hotel schools, a consultant to a world-leading hotel group and president of the Antonin Carême Literary Award for Gastronomy, which he helped to found in the spirit of the Left Bank.

A selection of Christmas recipes

ERQUY scallops marinated with pink grapefruit, imperial white sturgeon caviar, black radish and celery remoulade

A delicious seasonal dish with a flavor enhanced by a marinade that plays on the subtle combination of grapefruit and espelette pepper.

market for 4 persons

* scallops

12 scallops from Erquy

120 grams of imperial white sturgeon caviar

1 pink grapefruit

1 dl olive oil

2 g of espelette pepper

1 package of beetroot sprouts

* Spices

1 dl grape oil

5 teaspoons of grapefruit juice

20 g of mustard

5 g of salt

1 g of espelette pepper

* Remould

1 black radish

1 stick of celery

20 g of Shabli mustard

1 dl olive oil

10 grams of paper

2 g of espelette pepper

Recipe progress

* scallops

Marinate scallops in pink grapefruit juice with olive oil and espelette pepper.

* Remould

Peel the stalk of celery and cut it into julienne. Save the best pieces for decorating the scalps. Cut the julienne black radish and leave some black skin.

Mix everything with mustard, fleur de sel, espelette pepper and olive oil.

* Sauce

Mix all the elements together.

* dress up

On a flat plate with stainless steel scallop-sized circles, place the remoulade, top with the scallops, then place the caviar ball, beetroot leaf and celery stick. Sprinkle some sauce on the side.

Braised Brace Goose with Black Truffle Vaucluse, Buttered Green Cabbage with Chestnut Belly

A hearty regional dish, just the way we like it when frost approaches. Bresse Goose’s dense meat succulent, the delicacy of its flavor tastes festive…

Market for 8 people

* Goose

1 Bres goose 5 kg

400 g of black Vaucluse truffles

100 g semi-salted butter

50 g coarse gerand salt

5 g of white pepper

10 liters of chicken broth

10 grams of paper

* Joke

1 village bread

5 cloves of garlic

1 bay leaf

3 sprigs of thyme

5 tsp olive oil

15 g coarse gerand salt

3 g of white pepper

1 dl bird juice

100 g of broken truffles

the beast’s staves

* Green cabbage

1 kg of green cabbage

400 grams of sand carrots

200 g of onion

500 g of chestnuts

300 grams of belly

100 g of goose fat

15 g salt flowers

3 g of white pepper

5 cl of wine vinegar

Recipe progress

* Prepare the contents:

Dice stale country bread, mix with garlic, bay leaves, cottage cheese, olive oil, salt, pepper, bird juice, broken truffles and game offal. Stuff the goose through the back opening, then sew to seal.

* Goose

Place the truffle pieces under the skin and pour over the goose. Bring the chicken broth to a boil, then add the goose and season with coarse salt and pepper. Boil for 3 hours.

Once cooked, drain and pat dry the goose, then brush with butter, sprinkle and bake in the oven at 180°C for about 30 minutes until the skin is crispy and golden. Pour over the cooked stock, toss to coat, then remove from the oven and cover with foil. Let him rest.

* Green cabbage

Cut the green cabbage into strips and squeeze it in boiling salted water (20 g coarse salt per liter). Finely chop the carrot and onion. Pour goose fat into a pot, add mirepoix, pieces of Ventreche bacon and boiled goose broth. Add coarse salt and pepper. Bake gently in the oven. At the end of cooking, add chestnuts and a little vinegar. Collect the cooking juices from the cabbage, whisk in the butter and add the slices and truffle sticks. Warm everything gently and change the seasoning.


In a large, slightly recessed oval dish, cover the bottom of the buttered green cabbage, place the roast goose in the center and cover with the truffle slices. Pour the juice over the buttered green cabbage with the truffle sticks. Serve very hot so you can carve the goose in front of your guests. Serve the filling separately. Be generous with the juice.

Tatin pie

The mythical tart, which, according to legend, was accidentally invented by the Tatin sisters, owners of a hotel and restaurant in Lamotte-Bovron, is as popular today as ever. This hot dessert is a staple of the season.

Market for 8 to 10 people

4 kg of Pippin potatoes

90 g of butter

400 g of acacia honey

500 g thick Isigny cream

500 grams of puff pastry or dough


Peel the apples, remove the core and cut into quarters.

Put the butter and honey in a non-stick pan, cook until caramel color, add a quarter of an apple over high heat, fold in the caramel, cook firmly, remove from heat, pour on a plate to clean, arrange. A quarter in a rosette in a copper mold (round and flared)

Roll out puff pastry, cut out a circle to cover the shape, press with a fork.

Bake at 180°C for 20 minutes.

Remove from the oven, place a weight on the pie, cool, then unmold.

Serve hot, in a pot with thick Isigny cream.

Let go of your pettiness.

Luxembourg table : A safe bet for year-end family or professional meals

La Table du Luxembourg welcomes all kinds of events. From business meetings to press conferences, including private dinners, weddings and christenings, the venue becomes a confidential retreat from the public eye. Its relaxing location in the garden gives it an undeniable charm and a touch of originality for organizing unforgettable events.

For a sit-down meal or cocktail, inside (maximum capacity 100 people) or outside (maximum capacity 200 people), organizers and guests can enjoy a place surrounded by greenery while being close to public transport.

The right address for Sunday brunch

On Sundays, lunch takes on the air of brunch. The Paris Institute bets on the spirit of sharing and offers the best dishes a large buffet with more than 50 dishes.

Cold and hot dishes, pork, hot dishes (table service), fresh and aged cheeses, or even sweet delicacies, throw guests into a cheerful brasserie atmosphere.

After a game of tennis or before going to the Guignol theater, everyone can eat as they please, sipping homemade fruit juice, with family, couples or friends.

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