Bubbles, shellfish and crustaceans… recipes from four chefs for the perfect food and champagne pairing

Oysters, scallops, but also clams, clams, anchovies, pies or cakes… we find these mollusks and crustaceans on festive tables. For Charles Giriec – founder of the Poiscaille.fr platform, which offers baskets of fish, molluscs and crustaceans directly from small French fishermen – there are products that must be avoided, such as lobster, prawns, smoked salmon or cod.

“In fact, you can find many of these products throughout the year, He assures us. It is not so much a question of the season as the conditions under which they were caught and kept at a certain time. For example, the winter lobster fishery is extremely reduced, and if you find French lobsters, they will most likely be caught from June to August and kept in a tank… or it will be a Canadian lobster repatriated by plane. As for smoked salmon, it often comes from far away and is fed with fish dishes. Although most shrimp are tropical shrimp (there are French shrimp, but they are quite expensive). As for cod, which comes from the north of Norway, it is better to give preference to hake, poutka or julienne caught in France. »

Charles Giriec recalls that two-thirds of the seafood in France is imported and 30% of the world’s fishing is intended for the production of fish meal. Additionally, he particularly recommends adding an “origin f” filter.

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