Béchamel sauce: flour, cooking, rhubarb, spices… these tips for success every time!

For lasagna, pasta gratin or endive with ham, you always need a béchamel sauce. Follow our guidelines for success every time

Bechamel sauce is part of Necessary preparations in the kitchen. It is not only used as a topping, often with pasta, but is also served in other recipes such as Mornay sauce Which is nothing but bechamel with gruyere cheese. We will share with you all the steps to follow for a béchamel sauce that is neither too runny nor too thick.

How to prepare bechamel sauce?

The basic rule isUse equal amounts of butter, milk and flour. Everything starts with that Rukh, that is, a mixture of butter and flour. For success, remove the pan from the heat as soon as the butter has melted before adding the flour all at once. Stir well so that no traces of flour remain. Return to heat for 1 minute. look carefully It should not turn gray and remain white. Next, one of the secrets to a successful sauce is Stir constantly after adding the milk. At first, it should be poured drop by drop, very slowly. When the sauce thickens and there is no longer any danger of tumor formation, It can be paid in one step.

What kind of flour should we use for béchamel?

theoretically, All white flour may be suitable for béchamel, provided they are sieved before use. T 45 flour is very fine and therefore ideal for preparing this type of sauce and preventing lumps. As such, don’t hesitate to use chef Philippe Etchebest’s tip for a very runny béchamel. Italian flour 00 It’s also perfect because it’s so good. It is also used for the béchamel sauce on Big Mamma’s lasagna. You can also replace it with flour corn starch. This will allow you to get Gluten-free bechamel sauce And it’s light.

How to make bechamel sauce more or less liquid?

If you Your béchamel sauce is not runny enoughHeat some milk in a saucepan, then slowly and gradually add it to your béchamel. if on the contrary The béchamel seems too runny, you should add flour. Do not do this directly in your sauce. First pour two good tablespoons of your very runny béchamel into a separate bowl. Add the equivalent of a spoonful of fine flour. Mix well to avoid lumps. Once this mixture is ready, pour this thickened preparation into your sauce and stir. You can also play with the amount of butter. This is one of Italian chef Simone Zanoni’s tricks to create a thicker béchamel. We must continue from the beginning of preparation Add more butter to the recipe.

Why does béchamel sometimes taste like flour?

If you’re wondering why your béchamel tastes like flour, maybe your roux wasn’t cooked enough. Leave on the heat for at least a minute before adding the milk. This will bring out the mild flavor of the flour.

How to remove the taste of flour from Béchamel?

To get rid of the taste of flour, you can put it in béchamel At the start of preparation Add two bay leaves or cloves to the milk. They are removed at the end of cooking. If your béchamel is done and still has a strong taste of flour, time to season it. Add salt, pepper and a little grated nutmeg ! This operation is performed Always at the end of cookingAs soon as you take the pan off the heat.

Now you have all the cards in your hand To achieve the perfect béchamel sauce!

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