Barilla’s recipe for saving the planet by making pasta

The cooking method proposed by the Italian giant will reduce the carbon emissions associated with cooking by 80%. 495613644/Tricky Shark –

Italy’s king of pasta shares his recipe for greener cooking.

What if rising energy prices forced the French to prepare differently? For example, drop their pasta into boiling water for two minutes…before turning off the heat to cook to desired doneness. Perhaps this idea will surprise lovers of pennies, shells and other cakes. Either way, this is one of Barilla’s most serious green kitchen tips. The Italian king of pasta knows what he’s talking about with this “passive cooking” mode (passive cooking) “It has existed since the nineteenth yeare century”Emphasizes Miloud Benaud, head of the French subsidiary of the group, who decided to renew the idea. To do this, he developed a prototype of a connected object, a passive cooker that sits on the lid of a pot to detect when water is boiling and determine the exact cooking time.

“No matter how much we change our light bulbs and turn off our computers, a large part of our carbon footprint reduction comes from our customers using our products.”, supports the leader. According to the Italian giant, this method of cooking reduces the carbon emissions associated with cooking, the fourth most energy-consuming part of the home, by 80%. An effort whose scope is measured by the roughly 440 million servings of pasta served worldwide each day. And, points out Miloud Benaud, “We can imagine it working on other ingredients, like rice.”. One recipe, by the way, to avoid having to constantly cook carrots for a plantain…

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