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There’s nothing better than cooking to lift your mood. This weekend, we’re going drinking in Korea.

In KFood. Korean cuisine yesterday and today (Hachette Cuisine, 2016, €19.95), authors Da-He and Garrett West present their vision of Korean cuisine through tips (how to cook rice well, or what you should always have in the cupboard, for example), recipes for sauces, drinks. , and more or less traditional dishes. We’re excited to flip through the pages of this book, where we spotted a pretty classy cocktail with an Indian summer flavor that you can happily enjoy until fall.

You will need: a can or 410 g can of pears in syrup; 1.5 ml of light and spicy rum; vodka 3.5 tsp; 1 cinnamon stick; 1 tablespoon of transparent liquid honey; 1 juja (dried red dates, optional); ice cubes.

Strain the pears to recover the syrup. Pour into the pot. Pears can be used for other recipes (in a cake with goat cheese; in fresh water with nuts; with chestnuts and peanuts for an almost autumn dessert).

Place the cinnamon stick and honey in a pan and gently heat for a few minutes until the honey dissolves. Remove the pan from the heat and let it rest for five minutes, remove the cinnamon and let it rest for another five minutes.

Fill a martini glass with ice cubes to chill, then remove the ice. Fill the glass with ice cubes. Pour in rum, vodka and 5 ml of chilled pear syrup. Stir gently with a cocktail spoon. Place a jujube in the bottom of a martini glass, strain the cocktail, pour into the glass, stir again and serve immediately.

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