Australian artist Maxwell Farrington has unveiled his new album Yulétide & I’ll Tide with Yann.

not so well known in our regions, Maxwell Farrington is fromAustraliaMore specifically Brisbane. He left his island in 2013 to join Great Britain Then France. after passing Marseille and ToulouseFinally he landed Saint Brook to participate in the training Deware. The noise quartet, steeped in 90s influences, has had very little success with its contribution to a warm and pop-sounding song. Maxwell. He returns today with a very psychedelic album to listen to.

Christmas album?

for memory Christopher and Maxwell They met at a joint concert black ball time MaMA festival 2019. During his band’s soundcheck, Maxwell performed the song of the American composer a capella Burt Bacharach. Then they both exchanged Lee Hazlewood, Scott Walker and Frank Sinatra, some approximation. The album title, announcing the color, is made of red and green, perfect for year-end celebrations. The cover does not leave indifferent, almost psychedelic. for those who don’t know Yuletide leading to year-end celebrations. The concept of the album is very simple, it is an echo of an evening full of unexpected events at the end of December. Maxwell Farrington It becomes a guide to present traditions christmas, is very present in Anglo-Saxon culture. The album evokes traditions, in the review it passes Santa Claus, Santa Claus, gifts, HallAuld Lang Syne But fried potatoes, ham legs, gravy, turkey, cookies, crackers. Since the artist is also a chef himself, there is nothing surprising in this.

The album takes the listener into an unexpected and exciting evening at the end of December. He made a recipe for a homemade album Jan OlivierAn album to be enjoyed around the fireplace and Christmas tree until the end of the year.

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