Asian sauces and spices on our summer plates!

Asia with all the sauce firmly! In recent years, we can even talk about our plates: oyster sauce, fish, nuoc-mâm, soy, as well as its spices that are now coming to make our kitchen… Bref A continent of flavors that delights us with our little summer treats and more!

Here are some recipes signed by Carlo de Pascale “Soon to the table!” on the microphone.

Soy sauce, tamari sauce, same but without wheat, fish sauce, bulldog sauce, yuzu soy sauce, Japanese chili pepper, Korean beef sauce, yuzu flavored sesame seeds, sriracha sauce, super hot sriracha, sweet and sour sauce, kaffir leaves, Yuzu juice, Japanese mayo, gomasio, wasabi powder, wasabi paste, gochujang! Let’s fill our closets with these wonders!

Asian beef tartare

Entry for 4 people:

500 g of good quality neck steak

2 cloves of black garlic

10 tbsp olive oil + 5 tsp

Half a can of parsley

Japanese soy sauce

200 g of arugula

2 tablespoons of mayonnaise

fish sauce


ground pepper

2 tbsp capers

Prepare the black garlic oil, put the cloves of black garlic in olive oil and leave to cool. If this does not happen, put in a “normal” garlic clove.

Bring the meat back to room temperature and cut with a knife (removing the sinew and fat) into cubes of about 3mm on each side (larger than thin!)

Season with oil and a few drops of fish sauce, mix and set aside.

Finely chop parsley and onion with a knife. Salt them very lightly.

Coarsely chop the capers.

Mix parsley, chopped onion, capers, then mayonnaise with the meat. Then gradually add soy sauce (which is salty) and fish sauce. Therefore, it is necessary to add these spices in moderation, mix each time, leave for a few minutes and taste. Seasoning should be done gradually to avoid excess salt.

Pour a little olive oil in a pan, heat and fry arugula for a few minutes, salt and pepper.

Arrange some of this cooked arugula on each plate and top with the tartare.

We were about to forget the typical Thai dressing room!

Fish sauce, sugar, salt, pepper, lime, garlic… essential for Thai salads like roast beef salad.

We roast the meat well-peppered, well-salted, and then add a little spice and julienned cucumber, red onion, fried peanuts, and coriander with the above-mentioned ingredients.

Red tuna in sashimi and wasabi mayo

600 g of sustainable bluefin tuna from the Mediterranean (if not, yellowfin tuna, but less good).

2 teaspoons of wasabi

About 600 g of cooked “sushi rice” (see below)

3 tbsp rice vinegar (mayonnaise seasoning)

One egg yolk



1 cone of onion

1 small kona coriander

Wasabi (to your taste)

2 dl of neutral vegetable oil

1 tsp roasted sesame oil

A few drops of soy sauce

First, prepare the rice like sushi rice (slightly simplified!):

250 g of carnaroli rice

40 tsp of cold water

5 tsp of rice vinegar

20 g of sugar

5 g of salt

Put the rice in a bowl and cover with cold water. Rinse first without stirring the rice. After that, it is necessary, according to the established expression, to “polish” the rice, namely, to wash it several times with the back of the hand to remove the starch.

Therefore, cover the rice with cold water again and stir the rice with your hands in circular motions. When the water becomes twice as clear (an unscientific measure, I agree) as the first rinse water, drain the rice.

Finally, rinse the rice without stirring and keep it in a jar.

Prepare the seasoning by mixing rice vinegar, sugar and salt.

Pour the previously washed and polished rice into a thick-bottomed pot (or rice cooker). Add water. Cover and do not open (the pan) throughout the cooking process. When the water boils, reduce the heat to a simmer and when there is no more water on the surface (i.e. no more steam coming out of the lid), remove the pan from the heat, let it rest for 15 minutes. Spread the rice on the dish with a wooden spatula (don’t crush it, mix it carefully) and slowly add the spice mixture.

You can also cook rice with a cooking fan. Store at room temperature.

Prepare mayonnaise:

Place the egg yolks, a few drops of soy sauce and a small teaspoon of wasabi in a bowl (there will always be time to add more).

Beat and slowly add vegetable oil.

Then add lime juice, a little rice vinegar, wasabi, sesame oil if desired and adjust the seasoning with soy sauce (and generally, vinegar, lime, sesame, etc.) Mayonnaise should be chopped to taste and seasoned. !

Finishing the plate:

Cut coriander leaves and onion.

Cut the tuna into beautiful slices half a cm thick (“sashimi” mode)

In each plate, prepare a “kennel” of rice, place tuna on top, pour “zigzag” mayonnaise, coriander and spring onions. You can add a few drops of lime.

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