Are the first prices as good as the brands?

According to the Consumers Association, private label food products are often just as good as branded products.

We compared discount brands and well-known, more expensive brands in each product category. We understand that this branded product does not always get the best score on the nutritional level, far from itElsa Abdoun, a journalist for Que Choisir magazine, explains.

In the November issue, Consumers Association tested 12 food products, pizza, brioche, biscuits, cheese spread, salami or lasagna:On the lasagna we see that the Lidl brand, almost half the price of Marie lasagna, comes from the same factory with the same recipe and the same nutritional value. This is a pretty good product and a typical case where nothing is lost in the desire to save money.»

UFC Que Choisir examined labels, ingredient lists, the presence or absence of unwanted additives, sugar, fat, salt… In several product categories, the big brands are the best: “This applies to apricot jam, cheese spread or shepherd’s pie. On the other hand, for salami, the Herta brand is the last! This is the least good recipe, we find the best at Top BudgetAdds Elsa Abdoun, recalling that all these food products are industrial and processed.

It’s not always possible to do better… Homemade takes space and time, but it’s clear that from a health and wallet perspective, it’s better to choose raw, more plant-based products and cook it yourself.concludes the journalist.

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