5 recipes with a maximum of 3 ingredients!

Cooking is good, but with a few ingredients, even better! You didn’t need heaps of food to make good meals. To prove it, we invite you to discover 5 recipes with a maximum of 3 ingredients. Something to please the whole family and your wallet too!

Prepare a meal A few ingredients, it is possible! on return concert or simply Lazy evenings, we don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen coming up with great recipes… and that’s okay! Don’t worry, a little can go a long way! To prepare meals for nothing three times, give preference starchThey will be ideal as a base. the law rice, potatoes, Semolina… you can eat it with all sauces. Add fresh cream, cheese or spices to add flavor. The protein is also a good ally, eggs where is Ham It mixes with almost anything you have in the fridge. Of course, you can also mix starch seasonal vegetables like mushroomof Georgia carrot or some Spinach. This way you will enjoy and save the most.

👨‍🍳 Ingredients you should always have on hand:

The dishes are the most easy They are often the best! There are some ingredients you should have in your cupboard to make lots of recipes with small amounts. Cream, cheese, can of tuna, can of chicken, pasta, rice, pastries, eggs, ham, spices, necessary. You need a little imagination and inspiration and you’re done! Mix your peppers with your tuna with a spoonful of olive oil or mix your pasta with a good cheese and sprinkle with a few strips of whole ham. In two or three moves, you have a meal well and economic.

So without further ado, discover our 5 recipes with a maximum of 3 ingredients!

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Star pasta with melted cheese

The Pasta They are our greatest saviors! They come in all shapes and sizes, but we often have our preferences! Easy and fast Cook, they are great when we have them Laziness. You can prepare them however you like. Butterwith a dash ofOlive oilwith sour cream or with cheese…this starch never disappoints, we love it! We invite you to learn our simple and effective recipe.

On the menu: star pasta with melted cheese. For this dish, you need pasta, half a stock cube and cheese of your choice. You can choose Camembert, Comté or Emmental.

It’s ready in 15 minutes! Enjoy your lunch!

Pan-fried Croque Monsieur

We all should Bread Lying in our closet! Time to use it to make you one food fast, economic and greedy. We offer a recipe 100% cheese. Take a piece of bread, put a piece of Gruyère and cover it all with another piece of bread. Cook your sandwich in a pan for an ultra-melty result. nothing could be simpler 1 minute, ready to taste. Of course you can add white ham For the classic Croque-Monsieur or Mountain hamfrom Sausage Change the habit a little.

with 3 ingredients, you have a dish that will melt with delight! If you want, you can accompany yours Croque-Monsieur Good green salad or add a egg on the head

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curry rice

like pasta rice It can be eaten in several ways. Mix this starch with the spice and you have a great result in no time! We offer a very simple recipe for preparation: curry rice. For the ingredients, we assume that you already have water and olive oil at home. Therefore, you should bring two cups of rice, one cube and curry powder. As soon as it is ready, ie 30 minutes, you can eat alone or add other ingredients. Indeed, if you want, don’t hesitate to join meat or fish. The Chicken and shrimps It matches the door very well.

It is possible to eat a full meal with only 3 ingredients! Discover the steps to follow!

Potato and bacon omelette

And if we were cooking a good meal for Rssoothing ? Eggs, potatoes, bacon… Our mouths are already watering. with them 3 ingredientsWill you prepare a full meal, enough to please young and old alike. Besides being delicious, this recipe is cheap! Of course, you can add any ingredients you like. Add to your omelette cheeseof Georgia Onion or even vegetables Like spinach. If you have a big appetite, a salad well prepared

Here is our super recipe ready in 20 minutes! So get to the oven!

Boursin filled mushrooms

Nothing more easy than cooking favorite vegetables, especially things. The mushroom de Paris is perfect for this type of recipe. You just need to clean them, pick the tail and then prepare the mixture. Here we offer Bursin But you can very well use tartar according to your desire. Bake everything 20 minutes For an ultra-green finish! This delicious meal is perfect for coming home from work! You can accompany this mushroom with a meat or a fish if you want!

With just mushrooms, boursin, and parsley, you’ll make a great recipe!

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