15 Light Aperitif Recipes for Christmas Dinner Still Hungry (1/16)

Hosting family and friends over the holidays can be a real headache. Indeed, it is necessary to find the perfect recipes that will surprise the taste buds of guests, from starters to desserts. But the challenge doesn’t end there! When the main course is finally confirmed, you will also have to prepare the delicacies that will be served as an aperitif. In order not to spoil the taste of the party, toasts, croissants, cakes or even canapés should be light. That’s why we offer it 15 light aperitif recipes for Christmas dinner while still hungry.

Seasonal vegetables are in the spotlight! You can do it Light herb leek croquettesof Georgia Beetroot, Pesto and Parmesan Toast on Aperitif Crackersof Georgia Light Cabbage Bites with Shrimp and Green Apple Salad or even Spinach hearts with a light appetizing salmon roe. Salmon is the center of attention during the holidays and you can taste it too Light appetizing puff pastry with smoked salmon and froma blanc or some Light pancakes in lollipop with salmon and cream cheese. Lighter than foie gras, the duck mousse settles Canapes with light duck mousse and blueberry jelly. Some Mini light aperitif cakes with leek fondue and Light feta and spinach wraps a corn tortilla It will also delight your guests. Verines are ideal for accompanying a glass of champagne or a glass of white wine without weighing the stomach down. we offer, Light endive, red apple and herring silversthem scallops and curry beetroot verines, them Pumpkin Cappuccino Holiday Verines Under 200 Calories, Parsley veloute with nutmeg in aperitif verins as well as Slimming Cauliflower Verines with Espelette Peppers. Finally, to enjoy foie gras in its original form, taste it Foie gras, cocoa and almond lollipops.

Also, limit the quantity and plan for 4 to 6 servings per person, depending on the recipes chosen. Do not bet on cakes, muffins and croissants, which are more satisfying. Change the consistency, focus on verines and vegetable products that make you hungry. A few rosettes of raw cauliflower, carrot sticks of all colors, portions of Romanesco cabbage or even a few radishes tossed in delicious light sauces will complete the appetizer.

If you’re pressed for time to prepare, here are 15 easy appetizers that you can make in less than 15 minutes.

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